MagnaWare's AutoProfiler immediately and dramatically cuts resume processing costs while improving results.

AutoProfiler combines document understanding and XML technologies with an elegant and flexible user interface design. The result is a system that eliminates the problems and costs associated with managing resumes.

Return on Investment
It only takes a minute to determine exactly how much you'll save. If your numbers support the use of AutoProfiler, the integration is easy. Typical installs take less than 2 weeks thanks to our 'plug and play' design.

Give it a Try
To see the MagnaWare solution in action, simply email a resume to:

For the demo, you can include the resume in the body of the email or attach a Word or TXT file. This will simulate the process of an applicant submitting a resume and will initiate the AutoProfiling process. You will automatically receive an email with further instructions once we receive your email.
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AutoProfiling vs. Outsourced Resume Processing
- faster
- about 1/2 the cost
- more accurate
- ensures privacy
- easier to manage
- happier applicants
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