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MagnaWare products enable you to effectively and efficiently attract, accept, manage and find candidate resumes. Each MagnaWare application is fully integrated with your existing HRMS, providing a fast and secure environment. MagnaWare solutions give you a competitive advantage by improving the quality of your hires while reducing the time and cost per hire.

  MagnaWare Capture
Capture is a suite of intelligent resume processing tools that dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of your recruiting efforts. Capture automatically processes resumes from any source and routes the data directly into your existing HRMS/ERP or Applicant Tracking System. MagnaWare Capture includes Resume Parsing described below.
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MagnaWare Candidate Search
Candidate Search is a dynamic web solution that enhances the productivity and effectiveness of your recruiters and hiring managers globally. Candidate Search provides advanced resume searching, ranking and routing tools that are integrated with your HRMS/ERP database.

Candidate Search
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  MagnaWare JobPortal
JobPortal is a complete job board solution that maximizes the speed and effectiveness of your recruiting efforts. JobPortal instantly and automatically posts positions created in your HRMS system to your corporate web site. A full set of intuitive tools allows candidates to search and apply for positions.
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  MagnaWare Resume Parsing Engine
The Resume Parsing Engine is a component of the MagnaWare Capture product. It is the process of taking a text based document and extracting various field based data such as contact information, skills, education, work history etc. It can be purchased seperately or bundled into the MagnaWare Capture product for a complete resume processing solution. Test the engine against your resumes by clicking here.
Parsing Demo
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